Training tips

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Push up progressions
In this video we look at how to progress push ups from beginner through to full range of motion push ups with good form.
Advanced push ups
Mastered the traditional push up? In this video we look at a variety of techniques you can use to make push ups more challenging.
Squat progressions
From beginner through to advanced squats. Check out this video for ideas on how to develop the squat. One of the most important functional exercises.
Squat faults at the knees
Performing any exercise with good form is essential to avoid the risk of injury and to ensure you are working your body towards optimal movement. In this video we look at form issues to look out for when squatting.
External rotation of the shoulder
We regularly discuss the importance of performing exercises with good form here at Functional for Life. Check out why it is important to externally rotate your shoulders when doing exercises such as push ups.