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Why do you train? I believe this is an important question that individuals should ask themselves before engaging in any form of fitness journey.

In today’s world we are targeted with quick fix solutions to our health issues, “8 weeks to abs” is an example of advertisements I have seen pop up all over my Facebook, along with this a substantial amount of trainers are led to believe that the only way to achieve a clients weight loss goal is through HIT training.

The result is clients participating in programs that their body is not ready to partake in, with most individuals suffering from postural and mobility issues due to an increased sedentary lifestyle (office workers sitting all day) these programs may get some early results but will eventually most likely lead to injury and major setbacks.

I know this, as in the past I've been one of these trainers. I've also participated in these type of programs and suffered numerous injuries along the way to the point where I decided something had to change.

The reason I train is to improve my movement and health, not to participate in programs that are detrimental to my wellbeing. Learning how to do this has led to the establishment of Functional For Life.

Our philosophy is about building our clients for the ground up, correcting movement deficiencies, educating our cliental and providing a premium quality, convenient, mobile training service.

If you elect to train with us, we will make your body stronger, more mobile and ready to keep up with your kids, garden with ease, lift the shopping bags out of the car and run that extra mile.

With Functional For Life there are no age limits and it is never too late to get started, it truly is Personal Training with a difference.

Ryan Bartlett


Meet the Team

With a combined experience of 14 years in the health and fitness industry, we have worked hard to develop programs and training services that help our clients achieve excellent results. We are always working to provide our clients with training that will lead to their health goals whilst simultaneously working with them to improve how their body moves in day to day life.


Ryan Bartlett



  • Certificate 3 in fitness 
  • Certificate 4 in fitness
  • Master Trainer Level 1
  • Functional Patterns: Human Foundation Course One

FFL Mobile PT Melbourne


Justin Bartlett



  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement and Health Studies)
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Certificate 3 in fitness
  • Certificate 4 in fitness
  • Functional Patterns: Human Foundation Course One

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